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   In April of 1989, Lotus Buds Children's Home was opened as a response to the cry of extremely destitute and orphaned children in Sri Lanka. Lotus Buds offers a stable life in a loving environment for hurting children. Nutrition, education, medical care and personal attention are offered to these children in a Christian family setting.

   Currently twenty children reside at Lotus Buds. Many of them arrived as highly malnourished infants with little chance of survival. Today they are healthy, school-going children and young adults preparing for future employment. The priority of our home is providing quality care.

   The children may face a difficult future due to their unfortunate backgrounds. With the support of their loving Lotus Buds family and a quality education, it is hoped that a prosperous future awaits them.

Our Vision

To provide a quality, lifelong foster family, expressing the love and acceptance of Christ to children who have experienced crisis.

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Approved Charity Gazette No. 9-207/4 of 9-9-88
Department of Social Services No. 11/4/1/1796/88